Chase Private Client Benefits

Introduction to Chase Private Client


Chase Private Client is an exclusive banking program from JPMorgan Chase that provides personalized services and premium benefits to clients with higher net worth. To be eligible, you’ll need at least $250,000 in any combination of qualifying balances and investments with Chase. 


Key benefits of being a Chase Private Client include:


– Dedicated team of specialists:

You’ll have access to a team of banking specialists who get to know you personally and understand your unique needs. They can assist you with any banking need.


– Enhanced banking services:

You’ll receive no monthly service fees, unlimited digital transactions, and free or discounted services like cashier’s checks, stop payments, and wire transfers.


– Investing and wealth management: 

You’ll have access to J.P. Morgan’s investing expertise and portfolio management to help grow and preserve your wealth.


– Exclusive credit card and lending: 

You’ll have exclusive access to premium Chase credit cards, often with lower fees, higher limits, and added perks. You may also qualify for discounts on mortgages and loans.


– Tax and estate planning: 

Complimentary consultations with specialists can help you minimize taxes and prepare estate plans to protect your legacy. 


– Travel and lifestyle benefits: 

You’ll enjoy discounts and upgrades on airfare, hotels, dining, rental cars, events, and more. A dedicated concierge can help with travel plans.


Chase Private Client provides personalized banking paired with exclusive benefits to make managing finances easier for clients who qualify.


Dedicated Team of Specialists


Chase Private Client assigns each client their own dedicated team of banking specialists to provide personalized service and attention. This includes your Private Client banker who serves as your single point of contact for all your banking needs.  


Your Private Client banker gets to know you personally and takes a holistic approach to understand your unique financial situation. They can provide customized solutions tailored just for you, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.


You also have access to dedicated investment advisors who can offer guidance on wealth management, brokerage accounts, and retirement planning. These licensed professionals have extensive expertise and training in investments and financial planning. They take the time to understand your investment goals, risk tolerance, and preferences to craft a customized investment strategy.


In addition, you can contact the Chase Private Client help line to speak directly with specialists for anything you need. Whether you have a complex transaction, need to expedite a service request, or have an urgent issue, the Private Client team is standing by ready to assist you. 


Chase Private Client aims to provide white glove service with every interaction. Your dedicated banking team offers the convenience of a single point of contact and personalized solutions tailored specifically for you.


Enhanced Banking Services


Chase Private Client offers enhanced banking services with exclusive benefits not available to regular Chase customers. This includes no fees, higher deposit and withdrawal limits, preferred interest rates, and access to private client banking centers.


Some of the key enhanced banking benefits include:


– No monthly service fee or minimum balance requirements on checking and savings accounts

– No fees for cashier’s checks, money orders, or wires

– Higher ATM withdrawal and deposit limits 

– Higher daily spending limits on debit and credit cards

– Preferred rates on savings accounts, CDs, and money market accounts  

– Lower interest rates and fees on consumer loans and mortgages

– Access to Private Client banking centers with complimentary snacks, WiFi and private meeting rooms


Chase Private Client members have a dedicated team to handle their daily banking needs. This includes expedited customer service, safe deposit box discounts, fee waivers, and other exclusive banking privileges.


By eliminating nuisance fees and offering preferred rates, Chase Private Client simplifies banking and helps maximize earning potential on deposits. The higher limits provide convenience for managing large cash flows. Overall, these enhanced services cater specifically to the needs of wealthy clients.


Investing and Wealth Management


Chase Private Client provides customized investment guidance tailored to your specific goals and risk tolerance. Clients have access to dedicated investment advisors who get to know you personally and make recommendations based on your unique needs and preferences. 


You’ll receive preferred pricing on investments and advisory services. This includes reduced fees, waived minimums, and other exclusive offers not available to non-Private Client customers. For example, there are no fees for investment advice, no account minimums, and discounts on certain mutual funds.


A private team of investment specialists is available to Private Clients. They act as a personal CFO, providing holistic guidance on wealth management. This includes retirement planning, education savings, trusts, and customized portfolios. With dedicated support from knowledgeable advisors, you can pursue your financial goals with confidence.


Private Client advisors monitor your investments closely and proactively recommend changes based on market conditions. You’ll benefit from sophisticated investment approaches typically reserved for ultra-high net worth clients. The goal is simplifying wealth management so you have more time to focus on what matters.


Exclusive Credit Card and Lending  


As a Chase Private Client member, you get access to exclusive credit cards and lending options not available to regular Chase customers. This includes the Chase Private Client Credit Card which offers a range of valuable benefits:


– Higher credit limits compared to standard Chase credit cards  

– No preset spending limits on purchases  

– No foreign transaction fees  

– Primary rental car insurance coverage  

– Trip cancellation/interruption insurance  

– Lost luggage reimbursement  

– VIP treatment and dedicated servicing  


You can also take advantage of discounts and upgrades on select Chase credit card rewards programs. For example, you may be eligible for 25% more bonus points on select cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred.


For lending needs, you get preferential pricing and discounts on mortgages, home equity loans, auto loans, and personal loans offered by Chase. You have a dedicated lending specialist who can walk you through all the exclusive lending options and help you find the best rates and terms. 


Overall, the exclusive credit cards and lending benefits offer significant rewards, discounts, and upgraded services compared to Chase’s standard offerings. As a Private Client member, you have access to credit and lending solutions tailored specifically to your needs.


Tax and Estate Planning


One of the biggest benefits you can receive as a Chase Private Client member is access to specialized tax and estate planning services. This can help you develop customized strategies to efficiently transfer wealth to heirs and charitable organizations while minimizing gift, estate, inheritance or generation-skipping taxes.


A dedicated team of estate planning strategists and attorneys from J.P. Morgan Wealth Management can work directly with your tax and legal advisors to create a tailored plan based on your unique financial situation and goals. They have extensive experience dealing with complex estate plans and can help you navigate issues like:


– Reviewing your current estate plan and identifying opportunities to optimize it

– Evaluating trusts, wills, beneficiary designations and gifting strategies 

– Structuring your philanthropic giving in a tax-efficient manner

– Developing wealth transfer and asset protection strategies

– Facilitating communication between your various advisors to implement an integrated plan

– Keeping your plan updated as tax laws and your personal circumstances change over time


This level of personalized estate planning advice is usually only available to ultra high net worth families working with private wealth management firms. But as a Chase Private Client member, you can take advantage of these services to thoughtfully prepare your legacy and reduce the burden on your loved ones.


Philanthropic Services


Chase Private Client offers a robust set of philanthropic services to help clients achieve their charitable goals. The *Charitable Giving Program* provides donation processing, record-keeping, and advisory services to streamline and maximize your impact.


With the Charitable Giving Program, your dedicated advisor can help you:


– Set up a donor-advised fund to facilitate an easy and tax-efficient way to donate to your favorite charities over time

– Make complex non-cash asset donations such as real estate or private business interests

– Research and identify charities aligned with your passions and interests  

– Develop a custom philanthropic strategy and giving plan


Another benefit is the Charitable Giving *Donation Matching Program*. Chase will match your donations to eligible charities, amplifying your generosity. You can donate to thousands of IRS-qualified public charities and receive a 1:1 match up to $5,000 per year. 


With Chase Private Client, you gain a knowledgeable charitable giving team to help maximize your generosity. From targeted philanthropy to comprehensive giving vehicles, you can create positive change on a scale that fits your values and legacy goals.


Travel and Lifestyle Benefits


Chase Private Client members enjoy a range of exclusive travel, dining, and entertainment benefits not available to regular Chase customers. This includes premium travel services and perks that enhance your lifestyle.


Premium Travel Services


– Access to a dedicated travel service that provides customized vacation planning. Specialists can recommend destinations, book flights, hotels, rental cars, tours, restaurant reservations, and more.


– Complimentary upgrades and amenities at over 900 luxury hotels and resorts worldwide. Benefits vary but can include room upgrades, daily breakfast for two, resort credits, early check-in/late checkout, and more. 


– Reimbursement of Global Entry or TSA Precheck application fee once every 4 years to expedite airport security screening.


Dining and Entertainment Perks


– Access to the Luxury Card Concierge service, which assists with making restaurant reservations, sourcing hard-to-find tickets for concerts and events, organizing golf tee times, and more.


– Complimentary year-long membership to Priority Pass Select airport lounge program with access to over 1,300 lounges worldwide. 


– Discounts and perks at select restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and cultural institutions. Offers vary by location.


By providing premium travel services, dining benefits, and entertainment perks, Chase Private Client enhances your lifestyle and provides unique advantages not available to regular account holders. These exclusive benefits let you travel, dine, and experience life’s pleasures in style.


Business Services


Chase Private Client provides a range of exclusive business services and resources tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives. This includes complimentary one-on-one consultations with specialists who can provide guidance on topics like entity formation, licenses and permits, payroll, human resources, accounting, and more. 


Business owners also get access to Chase’s network ofBusiness Bankers and Treasury specialists located across the country. These banking professionals have expertise in commercial lending, cash management, merchant services, international banking, and can offer personalized solutions to help your business operate efficiently and reach its growth goals.


Some other notable business services and benefits include:


– Access to business seminars and networking events to connect with peers and industry leaders. Topics may cover leadership, marketing, technology, and other relevant business themes.


– Introductions and referrals to Chase’s preferred business partners, such as lawyers, CPAs, insurance brokers, IT consultants, executive recruiters, and more. These connections can help owners build their professional network and find trusted advisors.


– Exclusive discounts on business services including shipping, tech support, web hosting, payroll processing, and travel. Chase negotiates with top providers to help clients save money.


– Complimentary workplace banking with convenient access to cash management tools, merchant services, international wires, remote check deposit, and more to efficiently manage company finances.


With Chase Private Client, entrepreneurs and executives gain access to a complete suite of banking, credit, and advisory solutions tailored to the specialized needs of running and growing a successful business. The dedicated teams provide personalized guidance and exclusive resources that can give you an edge.


Eligibility and How to Enroll


To become a Chase Private Client member, you’ll need to have an average daily balance of $250,000 or more in any combination of qualifying deposits and investments with Chase and J.P. Morgan. This includes things like checking, savings, CDs, mortgages, investment accounts, and more. 


The minimum balance requirement is assessed each month and membership is reviewed twice per year. As long as you maintain the minimum, there are no monthly fees for being a Private Client member.


Signing up is easy – you can visit your local Chase branch and speak to a banker about becoming a Private Client. They’ll review your accounts and assets to see if you qualify. 


You can also call or chat online with a Chase representative and they can start the enrollment process. They’ll gather information about your banking relationship and investments, and submit a request on your behalf.


Within a few days, you’ll receive a letter in the mail letting you know if you’ve been approved for Chase Private Client membership. Then you’ll gain access to the exclusive benefits, your dedicated team of specialists, and enhanced account features.


So if you have substantial assets with Chase and JPMorgan, see if you may be eligible for Private Client privileges. It provides personalized banking, convenient services, and premium benefits for their best customers.

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