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Introduction to Chase Coupons


Chase coupons and promo codes refer to special discount offers from Chase Bank that allow customers to save money on select banking products and services. These coupons provide an incentive for new and existing Chase customers to take advantage of promotions and sign up for new accounts and services. 


Coupons and promo codes are an effective marketing tool used by major banks and financial institutions like Chase to attract new customers. They encourage people to try out products they may not otherwise have considered. For example, Chase may offer a $200 coupon for opening a new checking account with a minimum deposit. This provides a strong incentive for someone to switch their banking to Chase.


Existing Chase customers can also benefit from periodic coupon offers to add services to their accounts. For instance, Chase may send coupon codes to current account holders for statement credits if they open a new credit card or deposit account. This promotes customer loyalty and cross-selling of products.


The main benefits of Chase coupons for consumers are:



 Coupons allow customers to save money on banking products, services, fees or interest rates. This stretches their banking dollars.



Coupon codes can often be easily redeemed online or at branches. Minimal effort for the consumer.



Coupons encourage people to try new Chase products by lowering the initial signup cost.



Coupons reward customer loyalty and provide existing clients incentives to further utilize Chase services.



Chase provides coupon offers to a wide range of customers, not just targeted individuals.


Overall, Chase coupons and promo codes give consumers a chance to save on their banking in a convenient and rewarding way. Taking advantage of these special offers can provide substantial savings over time.


Types of Chase Coupons


Chase offers various types of coupons and promotions for their products and services. Some of the most common types of Chase coupons include:


Signup Bonuses 


One of the most popular types of Chase coupons are signup bonuses for opening a new Chase credit card or bank account. These offers provide a cash bonus, extra points or miles, or other rewards for signing up and meeting initial spending requirements. For example, the Chase Sapphire Preferred card frequently offers 60,000 bonus points for spending $4,000 in the first 3 months.


Account Bonuses


In addition to new account bonuses, Chase offers bonuses for existing customers adding services or meeting spending goals. You may get a bonus for adding an authorized user, referring a friend, making a certain number of purchases, or reaching a spending milestone. These bonuses encourage customer loyalty and increased usage.


Discount Coupons


Chase provides discount coupons for things like statement credits, discounted loan rates, or waived annual fees. For instance, you may get a coupon for $50 off a Chase Freedom annual fee by signing up for paperless statements. These monetary discounts provide direct savings on Chase products.


Cash Back Offers


Some Chase coupons offer higher-than-normal cashback rewards for a limited time. This includes increased grocery, dining, or travel rewards rates on select Chase credit cards. These time-limited bonuses encourage spending in bonus categories to maximize savings.


Expedited Bonuses 


Certain Chase bonuses are offered when you take action quickly to open an account or meet requirements ahead of deadline. For example, the signup bonus on a new Chase Ink card may be higher if you spend the minimum within the first 30 days. These expedited bonuses reward prompt account activity.


Where to Find Chase Coupons


There are a few places you can look to find the latest Chase coupon codes and promotions:


Chase Website and Mobile App


– The Chase website offers coupons and deals on their credit cards, banking products, and more. Be sure to create an account and sign up for emails to get exclusive coupon offers.


– Download the Chase Mobile app, which sometimes provides targeted coupons and instant discounts when you use Chase Pay.


Third-Party Deal Sites


– Check reputable third-party coupon and deal sites like, RetailMeNot, and Groupon Coupons. These sites partner with Chase to share valid coupon codes you can use at checkout.


– Deal sites often have the most up-to-date Chase promo codes that you won’t find directly on the Chase website.


In-Store and Direct Mail Offers


– Visit your local Chase branch and ask if they have any current in-store coupons or flyers with special offers. 


– Current Chase customers may receive exclusive coupon mailers. Be sure to open any Chase mail to discover available discounts.


Social Media Promotions


– Follow Chase on social media like Facebook and Twitter for coupon giveaways and limited-time promotions announced through those channels.


– Social media promotions provide another opportunity to score Chase coupons not advertised elsewhere.


The key is checking all of these sources regularly for new Chase savings opportunities, as coupon codes frequently change. With some persistence, you can often find a Chase promo code to apply extra discounts on top of already reduced prices.


Maximizing Chase Coupon Savings


Chase offers a variety of ways to maximize your savings when using coupons and promotional offers. Here are some tips and strategies:


Stack Coupons and Promotions 


Take advantage of stacking multiple coupons or offers together to maximize your savings:


– Check for Chase coupons on multiple products to combine savings. For example, you may be able to find a coupon for a checking account bonus and a coupon for reduced fees on a credit card. 


– Combine Chase coupons with additional bank account opening bonuses. You can often find sign-up bonuses for opening a new Chase checking or savings account, which you can use in addition to coupons on other products.


– Look for ways to combine Chase coupons with external discounts like AAA, military, or student discounts if you qualify. 


– Stack seasonal promotions or limited time offers on top of standard coupons when available.


Use Coupons Across Multiple Accounts


If you have more than one Chase account or credit card, look for opportunities to apply coupons across each one:


– Check all your Chase accounts regularly for new coupons or promotions that may be targeted based on your relationship. Long-time customers often get exclusive coupon offers.


– Consider using targeted checking or savings account coupons on one account, and credit card coupons on a separate account to maximize overall savings.


– Pay your Chase credit card bill from a Chase checking account to combine coupons or account benefits.


Enroll in Ongoing Savings Programs


Chase offers some ongoing savings opportunities to enroll in:


– Join Chase Offers to earn bonus rewards or cash back by using your card at certain retailers or for specific transactions. 


– Enroll in paperless statements and autopay to get account fee waivers or interest rate discounts on loans and credit cards.


– Link Chase credit cards to online shopping portals to earn additional rewards on top of any coupons.


Monitor Coupons Long-Term


Keep checking back regularly for new Chase coupons over time:


– Bookmark the Chase coupon website and sign up for email alerts about new offers.


– Check again before renewal dates on products like credit cards or insurance to find coupons.


– Consider timing new account openings or product enrollments to take advantage of seasonal coupons like Black Friday or the new year.


With the right combination of stacked coupons and ongoing savings programs, you can maximize the value you get from Chase offers. Check back frequently and utilize coupons across all your eligible accounts.


Chase Coupon Terms and Conditions


Chase coupons are a great way to save money, but it’s important to be aware of the fine print and restrictions that may apply when using them. Here are some key terms and conditions to keep in mind:


Expiration dates:

Most Chase coupons have a specific expiration date, after which the coupon is no longer valid. Make sure to use your coupons before they expire. Some coupons may have shorter validity periods, like 90 days or 6 months.


Eligible products/services:

 Coupons are usually limited to specific products, services, or spending categories. Read the fine print to see what the coupon applies to. For example, a coupon may only apply to checking accounts but not credit cards.


New customers only:

 Some Chase coupons are for new customers only, who don’t have an existing account with Chase. Existing customers won’t be able to use these types of coupons.


Spending thresholds:

Certain coupons require you to spend a minimum amount to get the discounted or bonus offer. This could be a minimum initial deposit for a new account. 



Coupons often have limits on the maximum bonus or discount you can earn. There may also be limits on combining multiple coupons.



Read all exclusions carefully, as some products, services, fees, or locations may not qualify for the coupon offer. 



Chase coupons are typically tied to the individual person and cannot be transferred or sold to others.


Promotional period:

Special discounts may only be valid for a specific promotional period after which regular rates would apply.


One-time use:

Most Chase coupons can only be redeemed once per customer. Read the details to confirm if multiple uses are allowed.


Additional fees:

Some account-related coupons may exclude monthly maintenance or other fees, so check if those still apply.


Always read the full terms and conditions before using a Chase coupon to avoid any surprises or confusion. Paying attention to the fine print will help ensure you maximize the savings from Chase coupons correctly.


Chase Coupon Scams to Avoid


Like with any coupons, you need to be aware of potential scams and fraudulent offers when looking for Chase coupons. Here are some tips on how to spot misleading or fake Chase coupon offers:


Website looks unprofessional:

Scam coupon sites often have a very basic design and lack professionalism. Legitimate Chase coupons will only be found on the official Chase website or reputable deal sites.  


Requests personal information:

Never provide personal or financial information just to get a Chase coupon code. Legit coupons never require you to submit sensitive data upfront.  


Claims unused Chase codes:

There is no such thing as unused or unclaimed Chase promo codes. Any offer claiming special access should be ignored.


Sounds too good to be true:

Extremely high value discounts like 90% off or free products are clear red flags. Real Chase offers provide reasonable savings.


High pressure tactics:

Scam sites attempt to pressure you into claiming an offer before it “expires”. Legit Chase coupons do not use such pushy engagement tactics.


Sends direct to Chase:

Fake coupon links often bypass a coupon code box and send you directly to the Chase site. Real coupons require a code to be entered.


Typos and grammar errors:

Poor spelling and sentence structure are common with scam sites. Chase only partners with professional outlets.  


Stick to the official Chase website or reputable online coupon publishers when looking for promo codes. Avoid shady looking sites claiming unused Chase coupon codes or huge discounts. Protect your personal information and watch for pushy engagement tactics.


Expert Tips for Using Chase Coupons


Chase offers a variety of different coupons and promo codes that can help you save on their products and services. However, to get the most out of these savings, it pays to follow some expert tips. Here are some pro tips from finance experts on how to maximize Chase coupon savings:


– Stack coupons when possible. Often Chase will offer general coupons that apply to your entire order as well as specific product coupons. Try to use these together to maximize savings. Just make sure to read the fine print on any coupon stacking restrictions.


– Use coupons on big ticket purchases. While Chase coupons can lead to small savings on smaller purchases, you’ll really see the savings add up when you use them on large purchases like opening a new checking account, applying for a credit card, or booking travel through the Chase portal. Focus coupon usage on higher cost services.


– Check coupon sites. In addition to coupons offered directly through Chase, there are a number of third-party coupon and promo code sites that compile available Chase deals. Check sites like RetailMeNot, CouponCabin, and more to find Chase savings opportunities.


– Don’t forget account bonuses. One of the biggest savings opportunities from Chase is when you open a new account and can earn a sign-up or welcome bonus. Just be sure to read all the fine print and meet bonus requirements. Combining account bonuses with coupons can lead to huge savings.


– Ask about unadvertised offers. Sometimes Chase customer service reps will have access to special unadvertised promotional offers if you ask. It never hurts to inquire about any savings opportunities when talking to a Chase representative.


– Bookmark the coupon page. Chase has a specific page on its website featuring available credit card and account coupons. Bookmark this page and check back often so you never miss a new coupon offer.


Following expert financial tips like these can help you maximize savings opportunities with Chase coupons and promo codes. A few simple steps will allow you to stack savings and earn the biggest discounts on Chase products and services.


Current Chase Coupon Codes


Chase frequently offers coupon codes and promotional offers to help customers save money on select banking products and services. Here are some of the top current Chase coupon codes available:



$150 cash bonus when you open a new Chase Total Checking and Chase Savings Account. Valid for new Chase checking customers only.



$250 cash bonus when you open a new Chase Premier Plus Checking account and set up direct deposit. For new checking customers relocating to certain metro areas. 



Get a $300 cash bonus when you open a new Chase Savings account, deposit $25,000 or more in new money within 20 days and maintain a $25,000 balance for 90 days. For new Chase savings customers only.



$712 total cash back bonus when you open a new Chase Ink Business Cash, Chase Ink Business Unlimited, or Chase Ink Business Preferred credit card and spend $6,000 within 3 months. Valid for new cardmembers only.



20% off fees when you apply for a new Chase credit card online. One time use promo code.



$150 bonus cash back after spending $500 on a new Chase Freedom Flex or Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card within 3 months from account opening.  For new cardholders only.



$250 cash back bonus after you spend $5,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening with the Chase Ink Business Cash Credit Card. For new cardmembers only.


Be sure to check Chase’s website for any new coupons or short-term promotions before applying for an account or credit card. Coupon codes are subject to change at any time.


History of Chase Coupons 


Chase credit cards have offered coupons and discounts to cardholders as a reward benefit since the 1980s, when they launched some of the first cash-back style rewards cards. While the exact details are hard to pin down, it seems Chase began experimenting with coupon mailers and coupon codes in the late 1980s or early 1990s as an added perk for their premium cardholders.


In the early days, Chase is believed to have partnered with third party companies to source coupons for categories like dining, travel, and entertainment. The coupons would be mailed to cardholders’ homes or made available by calling a phone number. This allowed Chase to provide valued rewards without having to take on the administration of operating a coupon program themselves.


Over time, Chase brought more of the coupon and discount programs in-house, designing specialized offers tied to how their customers spent on their cards. For example, if a cardholder frequently shopped at department stores, Chase might send them coupons for that merchant. The coupons evolved to become more targeted and personalized.


By the 2000s, digital coupon codes emerged which could be redeemed directly online or printed at home. This allowed Chase greater flexibility and integration with their online and mobile platforms. Cardholders could easily select from available coupon offers after logging in to their account.


Today, Chase continues to innovate with coupons and discounts integrated into their rewards programs and mobile apps. Real-time offers are often available based on your spending categories, location, and merchant partners. Rather than hoping for relevant coupon mailers, cardholders can now browse deals that are personalized for their spending habits and interests. The coupons have become more dynamic and tailored over Chase’s history in the rewards space.


The Future of Chase Coupons


Chase coupons have evolved over time, and will likely continue to change going forward. Here are some predictions for the future of Chase promo codes and savings:


– More targeted/personalized offers. As technology improves, Chase will likely get better at targeting specific coupon offers to customers based on their purchase history and interests. This could mean more relevant savings opportunities for consumers.


– Digital coupons only. Printable coupons may fade away, with more emphasis on mobile offers, online promo codes, and integration into digital wallets/payment apps. This allows for easier distribution and redemption.


– Increased frequency of offers. Chase may issue coupons and deals more often to drive customer engagement. Daily or weekly deals could become common.


– Focus on Chase credit cards. Expect coupons and perks to be heavily pushed for new Chase credit card sign-ups. This drives acquisition of new cardholders.


– Partnerships for bonuses. Chase may team up with airlines, hotels, retailers to offer bonus points/miles on Chase card purchases when shoppers use partner coupons.


– New redemption options. Chase might explore new ways to allow credit card points/rewards to be redeemed, like discounts on Amazon, Uber, or donations to charity. Coupons could offer these redemption options.


– Integration with services. Promo codes could integrate with Chase Pay, Chase online banking, Chase Credit Journey, and other proprietary services. This ties customers into the Chase ecosystem.


– More flexibility on redemptions. Chase may relax expiration dates on coupons, make them valid across more merchants/locations, and allow partial redemptions. This makes offers more useful for consumers.


– Focus on digital experiences. Free or discounted tickets for streaming services, online events, digital services may be coupon offerings that appeal to modern customers.


The future is uncertain, but Chase will likely adapt its promo code strategy to attract and retain customers however the retail landscape evolves. The ease and ubiquity of digital coupons opens possibilities for more personalized and integrated coupon experiences.

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