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Chase Private Client is an exclusive banking program offered by JPMorgan Chase designed for their most valued customers. The program provides clients with a range of premium benefits, personalized service, and access to dedicated banking specialists.


Chase Private Client aims to make banking faster, easier and more convenient for busy individuals who maintain higher balances. Clients enjoy fee waivers, enhanced digital services, and extra levels of fraud protection and security.


The program represents Chase’s commitment to rewarding loyal customers and delivering an exceptional banking experience. Chase Private Client caters to those looking for premium day-to-day banking along with investment and lending solutions from one of the nation’s largest financial institutions.


Eligibility Requirements


To qualify for Chase Private Client, you must have:


– At least $250,000 in any combination of qualifying balances with Chase or investments with J.P. Morgan. This includes:


    – Checking, savings, CDs, and retirement accounts 

    – Credit balances on Chase loans and mortgages

    – Investments and balances with J.P. Morgan Securities accounts


– Or a Chase mortgage with an original balance of $500,000 or more


So if you have at least a quarter million dollars with Chase and/or J.P. Morgan, you will be eligible to become a Chase Private Client member. The minimum balance requirements allow you access to the premium benefits and services.


Banking Benefits


Chase Private Client offers exceptional banking benefits that help clients maximize their savings. Unlike traditional banking, Private Client members enjoy fee waivers and higher interest rates. 


For starters, Private Client waives all fees on checking and savings accounts. This includes monthly service fees, overdraft fees, non-Chase ATM fees, and more. Clients never have to worry about their accounts getting unexpectedly hit with fees. 


Additionally, Private Client provides interest rate boosts on savings products. On checking accounts, clients earn 0.02% interest on all balances, with no minimum required. For savings accounts, the interest rate is 0.05% versus the standard 0.01% rate. 


Other banking perks include unlimited no-fee cashiers checks, unlimited no-fee stop payments, and reimbursement for incoming domestic and international wire transfer fees.


The value of all the banking benefits can add up to hundreds of dollars per year in savings. Private Client removes the headaches and hurdles of regular bank accounts.


Investment Benefits


Chase Private Client provides dedicated advisors to guide your investment strategy and portfolio. You are assigned a team of advisors who get to know you personally, understand your unique goals and risk tolerance, and help you invest wisely. 


Your advisor develops a customized investment plan tailored to your needs. They provide ongoing portfolio guidance, monitoring your investments and recommending changes when appropriate. With your advisor’s expertise, you can invest confidently in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, alternatives, and more.


The Private Client investment platform gives you access to investment research, market insights, and planning tools. Take advantage of proprietary Chase research and investment commentary. Get recommendations on asset allocation, security selection, tax optimization, and wealth transfer. Your advisor will explain market developments and how they impact your portfolio.


Chase advisors are held to the highest standards and aim to deliver exceptional client experiences. They are focused on understanding your life priorities and building lasting relationships. With a dedicated advisor guiding your investments, you benefit from personalized advice and sophisticated wealth management.


Credit Benefits


As an account holder with Chase Private Client, you’ll have access to lower rates and better terms on loans and credit cards from Chase. The key credit benefits of the program include:


Lower interest rates on mortgages, auto loans, and personal loans:

You’ll qualify for the best available rates from Chase whenever you apply for a home loan, auto loan, or personal loan. Depending on your credit and the specific loan, this could mean significant interest savings compared to standard rates.


Lower APR and fees on credit cards:

Chase Private Client members are eligible for the lowest APRs on all Chase credit cards, including cards like the Sapphire Preferred and Reserve cards, which offer premium rewards and travel benefits. This can equal hundreds of dollars in savings each year. There are also no annual fees on any cards.


No origination fees on mortgages and loans:

Chase waives all origination, application, and processing fees for mortgages and loans for Private Client members. These fees can easily amount to over $1,000 on a mortgage, so this represents substantial savings. 


No fees for multiple mortgage rate locks:

You can lock in mortgage rates multiple times at no cost if rates drop before you close. This flexibility provides significant peace of mind during the home buying process.


Dedicated team of lending specialists:

Chase assigns a team of lending experts to Private Client members to streamline the application and approval process. They help you identify the optimal loan products and terms for your needs.


The lower rates and reduced fees on lending products add up to thousands of dollars in savings over the lifetime of the loans. For frequent borrowers or anyone planning a major financing need like a mortgage, the credit benefits of Chase Private Client provide very tangible value.


Travel Benefits


Chase Private Client offers a range of travel perks and discounts to make your trips more enjoyable and hassle-free. 


Rental Car Discounts


You can receive discounts and upgrades with rental car partners like Avis and National. Simply reserve your rental car through the Chase Private Client travel site and the discounts will be automatically applied. This makes renting cars for family vacations or business trips more affordable.


Travel Insurance 


Chase Private Client provides access to travel insurance plans that can protect you from things like trip cancellations, delays, medical emergencies and lost luggage. Plans are available for single trips or annually. Travel insurance gives you peace of mind that you’re covered during your journeys.


VIP Treatment 


Enjoy complimentary VIP status with hotel chains like Mandarin Oriental and Conrad. You’ll get elite benefits like room upgrades, free breakfast, late checkout and resort credits on paid stays. Chase Private Client can make your hotel stays more comfortable and relaxed.


Concierge Support


Get help planning your travels before and during your trip with complimentary concierge services. The concierge team can offer destination advice, score hard-to-get reservations, arrange private tours and transfers, and more. It makes travel planning effortless.


Everyday Benefits


Chase Private Client customers enjoy a range of everyday benefits designed to make their lives easier and more enjoyable. This includes:


Personal Concierge Service


Chase Private Client assigns clients their own dedicated personal concierge agent. This concierge acts like a personal assistant, handling tasks both big and small on your behalf. For example, your concierge can help book travel, make restaurant reservations, find tickets to events, send gifts on your behalf, and much more. They are available 24/7 by phone, chat, or email.


Discounts and Offers  


As a Chase Private Client member, you have access to special discounts, upgrades, and offers. You can save on dining, travel, shopping, entertainment, and more simply by showing your Chase Private Client card. Discounts are available at major airlines, hotel chains, premium rental car companies, restaurants, sporting events, and popular retailers. There are new offers added on an ongoing basis.


Exclusive Events and Experiences


Chase frequently hosts special events, tastings, and experiences exclusively for Chase Private Client members. These events allow clients to enjoy unique cultural, culinary, and social events. Past event examples include private gallery tours, backstage concert access, expert wine tastings, cooking classes with renowned chefs, and networking events. Events take place in major cities across the United States.


Client Service


Chase Private Client provides an unmatched level of personalized service and support. Clients are assigned a dedicated team of specialists who get to know their needs and preferences. This allows Chase Private Client advisors to make personalized recommendations tailored specifically to each client. 


The dedicated team is available 24/7 by phone, email or chat. They can assist with any banking, credit or investment needs, as well as help optimize and manage your accounts. Clients have direct access to decision makers who can promptly address requests and concerns.


Chase Private Client pulls out all the stops to provide white glove service and expert guidance. Clients enjoy premium assistance securing competitive interest rates for lending products, lower fees on services, and priority access to exclusive events and experiences. The goal is to make banking seamless and hassle-free.


With Chase Private Client, you’re not just a number or an account. You’re a valued individual who receives personalized attention and service around the clock from a team dedicated to your financial success.


Fee Structure


Chase Private Client has a tiered annual fee structure based on the amount of money you have deposited with Chase. The annual fee provides you with banking, investment, credit, and lifestyle benefits.


The Chase Private Client annual fee tiers are:


– $0 – $249,999 in deposits: $0 annual fee

– $250,000 – $999,999 in deposits: $150 annual fee  

– $1,000,000+ in deposits: $325 annual fee


The annual fee is charged monthly, so if you are in the highest tier with over $1 million in deposits, your monthly fee would be $27.08. 


The fee may be waived in certain circumstances, such as:


– You have a qualifying Chase mortgage

– You have a linked Chase Premier Plus Checking or Chase Sapphire Checking account

– You hold a certain amount in Chase investment balances


So while Chase Private Client does charge an annual fee, it is relatively low compared to similar premium banking packages at other institutions. And clients have the potential to waive the fee based on their total relationship with Chase. The enhanced service, benefits, and access this program offers makes the fee worthwhile for qualifying clients.


How to Apply


To apply for Chase Private Client, you’ll need to visit a Chase branch and meet with a Private Client Banker. Here’s an overview of the application process:


– Schedule an appointment to meet with a Private Client Banker at your nearest Chase branch. You can search for a branch and schedule an appointment on the Chase website or mobile app. 


– During the appointment, the banker will assess your eligibility based on the program requirements, which include:


  – $250,000 minimum in deposits and investments with Chase and J.P. Morgan 

  – Or $150,000 in deposits and investments with Chase Private Client 

  – Or you own a business banking account with Chase


– Be prepared to provide information about your total deposits and investments across all financial institutions to determine eligibility.


– If you qualify, the banker will have you fill out an application and submit any required documentation. 


– Once approved, your accounts will be upgraded to Chase Private Client. You’ll receive new debit cards, checks, and online/mobile banking access.


– Schedule a second appointment for an in-depth review of your accounts, benefits, and personalized financial advice from your dedicated Chase Private Client team.


Applying for Chase Private Client is simple when you visit a branch and meet with a Private Client Banker. They’ll guide you through the eligibility assessment, application, and account setup. Within a week or two, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the exclusive benefits and services.

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