Chase Private Client Requirements

Overview of Chase Private Client




Chase Private Client is an exclusive banking program from JPMorgan Chase designed to provide personalized banking, credit, and investment solutions to high net worth individuals. The program offers premium benefits, dedicated support, and specialized expertise to help clients efficiently manage their complex financial lives. 


Chase Private Client targets customers with at least $250,000 in total balances with Chase or investments with JPMorgan. It provides tailored solutions for those with more sophisticated banking and investing needs compared to everyday consumers.


Key benefits of the Chase Private Client program include:


– Access to dedicated Private Client advisors for personalized service and expertise

– No fees on standard checking and savings accounts

– Preferred rates on lending products like mortgages and auto loans 

– No fees on wire transfers, cashiers checks, and more

– Waived monthly service fees on credit cards

– Valuable travel benefits and dining privileges 

– Personalized investment guidance and premier access to JPMorgan advisors

– Business banking solutions for managing company finances


By combining responsive support, tailored products and pricing, and premier access to Chase and JPMorgan resources, Chase Private Client aims to deliver an enhanced banking experience for its high-value customers. It represents Chase’s premium relationship program for affluent clients.


Minimum Requirements


To qualify for Chase Private Client, you’ll need to meet certain minimum balance and income requirements. Here are the key eligibility factors:


Minimum balance of $250,000: 

You’ll need to maintain an average daily balance of at least $250,000 across your Chase deposit accounts and investments. This includes things like checking, savings, CDs, investment accounts, and retirement accounts.


Personal annual income of $250,000:

Your total personal pre-tax annual income must be at least $250,000. This can include income from wages, investments, retirement plans, social security, and other sources. 


Household annual income of $400,000:

For joint accounts, your total household pre-tax annual income must be at least $400,000. All income for you and a spouse or partner can be combined to meet this requirement.


Substantial assets under management:

Those who don’t meet the minimum balance or income requirements may still qualify by having substantial assets professionally managed by Chase Wealth Management.


Mortgage relationship:

Some may qualify by having a mortgage with Chase and meeting other requirements. Preferred mortgages include Jumbo, Private Client, and Wealth Management mortgages.


Meeting any one of these requirements can make you eligible to become a Chase Private Client. Those who qualify get access to premium banking features, investment solutions, and dedicated support. To maintain the benefits, you must continue meeting at least one of the eligibility standards.


Banking Features


Chase Private Client offers a range of premium banking features and services to help manage your finances.


Free Checking and Savings


– No monthly service fee on checking and savings accounts

– No fees for overdrafts or insufficient funds 

– Unlimited check writing

– No fees at over 16,000 Chase ATMs

– Reimbursement of fees charged by non-Chase ATMs up to $15 per statement period


Preferred Rates and Terms on Lending Products


– Preferred rates on mortgages, home equity loans and lines of credit

– Discounted rates on auto, business and personal loans and lines of credit

– Higher lending limits on mortgages and lines of credit

– Streamlined loan underwriting and quicker decisions


No Fees on Services 


– No incoming or outgoing domestic and international wire transfer fees

– No cashier’s check fees

– No fees for Medallion signature guarantees

– Free standard checks or discounts on certain designs


Chase Private Client offers competitive rates and terms on a wide range of lending products. You can take advantage of preferred pricing and higher lending limits to help meet your borrowing needs. The free everyday banking services also help maximize your savings.


Investment Options


Chase Private Client gives you access to investment advisors from JPMorgan as well as self-directed trading options. You can get advice on building a customized investment portfolio from a dedicated advisor who will look at your goals, time horizon, risk tolerance and more to create a strategy.  


The private client investment advisors have extensive market knowledge and will monitor your portfolio, suggest adjustments when needed, and keep you informed on performance. You’ll have access to JPMorgan investment research, market insights, seminars and events.


For self-directed trading, you can invest online through Chase You Invest. This gives you the ability to trade stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and fixed income securities. YouInvest offers in-depth research and tools to help guide your investing decisions. There are no commissions for online trades of stocks and ETFs.


With Chase Private Client, you get the best of both worlds – personalized investment guidance as well as DIY trading options. This provides flexibility based on your needs and preferences when it comes to managing your investments.


Credit Card Benefits 


Chase Private Client offers exceptional credit card rewards and benefits tailored specifically for high net worth individuals. Some of the key credit card perks include:


Complimentary annual fee credits:

Clients receive annual fee credits on select credit cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve, allowing you to enjoy premium rewards cards without paying annual fees. This provides ongoing savings every year.


Enhanced points bonuses:

Private clients qualify for increased sign-up bonuses worth potentially thousands in extra points/miles compared to the standard public offers. This allows you to maximize points earnings from the outset.


Travel and shopping credits: 

Many premium Chase cards offer annual travel credits ranging from $300 to $550 to offset travel purchases. There are also shopping credits on cards like the Chase Freedom Flex to maximize everyday savings.


Airport lounge access:

Private Client cards that provide Priority Pass lounge membership allow you to enjoy premium lounge access when traveling. This includes access to over 1,300 lounges worldwide.


Global Entry/TSA PreCheck credits:

Cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve offer a credit to cover application fees for Global Entry/TSA PreCheck membership, valued at up to $100. This provides expedited security when traveling.


Elite hotel and rental car benefits: 

Perks like complimentary elite status with hotel chains and rental car companies provide significant benefits including room upgrades, free breakfast, late checkout, free rental days and more.


Premium travel insurance/protections:

Robust coverage including trip cancellation/interruption insurance, lost luggage reimbursement, rental car insurance, and various travel protections provide valuable coverage when traveling.


Overall, the exceptional travel rewards, credits, and benefits offered to Chase Private Clients provide significant ongoing value tailored specifically to their lifestyle needs. These perks make Chase credit cards particularly valuable for private clients who frequently travel or make large purchases.


Everyday Perks


Chase Private Client provides clients with a wealth of everyday benefits that make everyday banking and spending easier. These include a range of discounts, rewards, free services, and concierge support.


Some of the key everyday perks include:


Travel benefits:

Receive discounts on airfare, hotels, rental cars, cruises, and more through the Chase Private Client Luxury Travel and Lifestyle program. Clients get access to travel advisors who can help book trips and experiences.


Dining rewards:

Get a complimentary annual membership to the Dinning Club, which provides discounts at over 3,000 restaurants across the country. You also get access to hard-to-get reservations through the Private Dining program.


Entertainment perks:

Take advantage of preferred seating and exclusive offers for concerts, sporting events, theater performances, and other entertainment. 


Shopping rewards:

Enjoy discounts at premium retailers on everything from fashion to electronics. The Shopping Benefits program gives clients special offers and vip treatment.


Free museum memberships: 

Private Client provides complimentary 1-year memberships at museums and cultural institutions nationwide. This includes free admission and exhibits at hundreds of locations.


Concierge service:

Get 24/7 access to personal concierge support for travel planning, event tickets, dining reservations, and any other everyday needs. The concierge team helps make clients’ lives easier.


Chase Private Client aims to make everyday banking, spending, and lifestyle needs as rewarding and convenient as possible. With VIP benefits, rewards, and dedicated concierge support, clients can fully optimize their everyday experience.


Dedicated Support


Chase Private Client provides clients with a dedicated team and private client managers to help meet your unique banking and financial needs. You get direct access to specialist who get to know you personally and can offer proactive advice tailored just for you. 


Some key features of the dedicated support include:


Personal Client Managers:

You are assigned your own personal banker who you can contact directly for assistance. They will learn about your financial situation, goals, and preferences in order to provide customized solutions. You will work with the same dedicated person over time who can offer proactive guidance and expertise.


Priority Access:

As a Private Client, you get elevated priority access across Chase. This includes priority access to bankers and specialists via phone, chat, or in branches. You can quickly connect with the right experts to address any financial need.


Tailored Financial Guidance:

Beyond everyday banking, your specialist can provide personalized advice on wealth management, retirement planning, home loans, business banking and more. They can offer financial guidance customized for your unique goals and situation.


Proactive Outreach:

Instead of you having to reach out, your relationship manager proactively contacts you with timely insights and opportunities relevant to your finances and goals. 


The dedicated team and private client managers provide individualized service and expertise to Chase Private Clients, helping you effectively manage your full financial life. The priority access and tailored guidance delivers an elevated banking experience personalized just for you.


Business Services 


Chase Private Client offers a range of specialized business banking solutions to help manage your company’s finances.


Business Checking


Chase Private Client Business Checking provides an interest-earning account with no monthly fees. You’ll receive unlimited electronic deposits and Visa debit cards. Optional services include ACH origination, wire transfers, and remote deposit.


Business Credit Cards 


Apply for a Chase Ink Business credit card to earn generous rewards and take advantage of employee cards at no extra cost. Choose from cash back, travel rewards, or flexible points. Corporate cards are also available.


Business Loans


From lines of credit to term loans, Chase can help finance your business goals. Take advantage of competitive rates and dedicated service from business banking experts. 


Treasury Services


Streamline cash management with Chase’s online and mobile tools. Services include ACH payments, account reconciliation, positive pay, remote deposit capture, and more. Integrations with top accounting software are available.


Chase brings together exceptional service, integrated technology, and proven expertise to help manage your company’s financial needs. With Chase Private Client, your business can benefit from dedicated specialist teams and premium resources.


How to Apply 


The application process for Chase Private Client is straightforward but does require submitting supporting documents. Here are the steps to apply:


Visit a local Chase branch or call the dedicated CPC line:

The first step is to talk to a banker about CPC. They can explain the benefits and requirements in detail. 


Fill out the Chase Private Client application:

The application asks for personal and financial information to determine eligibility. This includes contact details, annual income, net worth, investing experience, and account balances.


Provide supporting documents: 

To complete the application, you’ll need to submit documents that verify your net worth, assets, and income. This usually includes:


  – Tax returns for the last 2 years

  – W-2 and/or 1099 forms 

  – Statements from investment/retirement accounts

  – Statements showing home equity

  – Other documentation of total assets and liabilities


Get approved:

The application and documents are reviewed to confirm eligibility. The minimum requirements are at least $250,000 in deposits and investments with Chase or $1 million in total net worth.


Open a new checking account:

Once approved, you can open a new Chase Private Client checking account or upgrade an existing Chase checking account. This unlocks all the CPC benefits.


The application process aims to confirm investors meet the minimum wealth requirements for this premium service. Submitting detailed financial statements and tax documents is necessary for Chase to verify income and total net worth. The approval decision is usually quick after providing the required documentation.




For those who don’t qualify or are seeking other private banking and wealth management options, there are several alternatives to consider:


Local Banks and Credit Unions


Many local banks and credit unions offer private client services and relationship banking for high net worth individuals. The account minimums and fees are often lower compared to the national banks. You may be able to get personalized advice and banking tailored to your needs. However, the investment options are usually more limited.


Independent Wealth Managers 


Working with an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that provides customized investment management and financial planning services is another option. They are not tied to specific products or institutions. The fees are based on a percentage of assets under management rather than account balances. This model may better suit those with more complex needs.




For a low-cost automated approach, robo-advisory services like Betterment and Wealthfront provide algorithm-based investment management and financial planning. However, this lacks human customization. The account minimums are lower but you don’t get dedicated advisors.


Boutique Private Banks


Smaller boutique private banks and wealth management firms offer personalized services with lower minimums in the $1-5 million range. However, they have fewer banking and investment options compared to large national players. The boutique model may work well for those wanting a high-touch approach.


The alternatives above may better suit certain individuals, depending on their unique needs and preferences. With various options now available, it pays to compare and find the right fit. Though if you meet Chase Private Client requirements, it remains a compelling choice.

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