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Introducing Chase Private Client



Chase Private Client provides exclusive banking and investment services tailored for high net worth individuals and families. It offers customized solutions, premium benefits, and personalized guidance from dedicated teams of specialists.  


The program is designed for Chase clients who maintain substantial assets with the bank, such as:


– $250,000 or more in qualifying bank and investment balances 

– $1 million or more in Chase mortgage balances


Chase Private Client provides an elevated level of banking and wealth management. Clients get access to dedicated advisors who get to know their unique needs and goals. The advisors then create customized solutions across banking, lending, investments and wealth planning.


Key benefits of Chase Private Client include:


– Dedicated team of banking and investment specialists  

– Private Client advisors provide personalized guidance 

– Customized banking and credit solutions

– Preferred rates and pricing on deposits, loans, and more

– Investment management, brokerage, trusts, and estates

– Wealth planning services

– Concierge support for everyday banking and lifestyle needs

– Exclusive Private Client benefits and experiences


The program offers an enhanced level of service, expertise, and exclusivity. Chase Private Client combines the convenience and capabilities of a large national bank along with the customized approach of a boutique financial firm.


Dedicated Team of Specialists


Chase Private Client advisors have extensive experience and expertise in banking, investing, wealth management, and financial planning. They take the time to understand your unique financial situation, goals, and priorities in order to provide tailored guidance and solutions.  


CPC advisors are dedicated to delivering personalized service and building long-term relationships with clients. You will have direct access to your advisor who can assist with day-to-day banking needs as well as complex wealth management strategies. Whether you need help managing cash flow, financing major purchases, protecting assets, or developing a legacy plan, your advisor will be there to offer informed recommendations.


With Chase Private Client, you get the sophistication of a private bank or family office with the convenience and capabilities of a large financial institution. Your advisor leads a team of specialists who handle all aspects of your banking, lending, investments and wealth management. This comprehensive support allows CPC advisors to focus on advising clients.


Custom Banking Solutions


Chase Private Client provides custom banking solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. As a CPC client, you can choose from several account options with competitive interest rates, premium benefits, and personalized service.


CPC offers a checking account, savings account, CDs, and money market accounts. The checking account requires a $150,000 minimum daily balance to avoid a $45 monthly service fee. It offers unlimited check writing, no ATM fees worldwide, and earns interest on your balance.


The savings account also requires a $150,000 minimum daily balance and earns interest on your deposits. CD terms range from 1 month to 5 years with a $10,000 minimum deposit. Money market accounts require a $100,000 minimum and offer check writing plus competitive rates.


CPC banking solutions provide premium benefits like dedicated bankers, identity theft protection, credit monitoring, and complimentary checks. Your banker will help analyze your needs and recommend the ideal accounts and services to maximize your resources. 


Whether you want to earn interest, simplify cash management, or have easy access to funds, CPC customizes solutions for your unique financial situation. With knowledgeable specialists and tailored products, CPC delivers premium private banking to help you reach your goals.


Investment Management


Chase Private Client provides tailored investment solutions to help you achieve your financial goals. You’ll have access to a team of investment advisors who take the time to understand your unique needs and risk tolerance. 


Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, your dedicated advisor will work with you to craft a customized investment strategy aligned with your objectives. They continuously monitor your portfolio and proactively suggest adjustments as markets shift and your needs evolve.


Investment offerings include:


– Professionally managed investment accounts

Let our advisors manage your investments for you based on your goals. Advisory programs are available to fit different preferences.


– Self-directed investing: 

Take a more hands-on role and make your own investment decisions. You’ll have access to research, tools, and guidance from advisors when needed.


– A wide range of investment products: 

Build a diversified portfolio from stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and alternative investments.


– J.P. Morgan funds: 

Tap into award-winning J.P. Morgan Asset Management funds managed by industry experts. 


– Managed portfolios: 

Choose from pre-built portfolios aligned to different risk tolerances and investing time horizons. Portfolios are professionally managed and automatically rebalanced.


– Retirement solutions: 

Get help with 401k rollovers, IRAs, and maximizing your employer-sponsored retirement plan.


No matter your preferred level of involvement, Chase Private Client advisors are there to help you make informed investment decisions and strategically manage your wealth over time. With customized guidance and flexible solutions, you can invest with confidence.


Lending Solutions


Chase Private Client offers tailored lending solutions to help clients reach their financial goals. As a CPC client, you get access to exclusive benefits for mortgages, loans, lines of credit, and more.


CPC offers competitive mortgage rates along with dedicated support from home lending specialists. Whether you’re buying a new home, refinancing, or renovating, CPC mortgage advisors can help you find the right loan options and guide you through the mortgage process. 


Clients also receive preferential pricing and terms on personal loans and lines of credit. Discuss your plans with your advisor to find flexible solutions to finance large purchases, consolidate debt, cover expenses, or access cash.


Business banking clients can access customized commercial lending, including real estate loans, equipment financing, lines of credit and more. Receive personalized guidance from commercial lending specialists.


Leverage the specialized expertise of Chase Private Client to finance your goals. From mortgages to personal loans to commercial lending, CPC provides tailored solutions and exclusive benefits. With a dedicated advisor, you can discuss your plans and get customized recommendations to meet your unique needs.


Wealth Planning


At Chase Private Client, our team of wealth planning specialists can help you pursue your most important financial goals through customized solutions. We offer comprehensive estate planning, trust services, charitable giving strategies and more.


Estate Planning


Proper estate planning is crucial to help ensure your assets are transferred according to your wishes. Our specialists can help you develop a customized estate plan that may include:


– Wills and trusts

– Powers of attorney  

– Healthcare directives

– Beneficiary designations

– Gifting strategies 


We’ll work with your attorney to help implement strategies to potentially minimize taxes, avoid probate and ensure your estate is distributed as intended.


Trust Services 


From revocable living trusts to irrevocable life insurance trusts, we offer customized trust solutions. Our specialists can help you establish trusts to manage assets, prepare for disability, support heirs and efficiently transfer wealth between generations. We can act as an agent, trustee or co-trustee for a wide array of personal and professional trusts.


Charitable Giving


Giving to charity can be profoundly rewarding. We can help develop philanthropic strategies aligned with your values and interests. Our charitable giving services include:


– Donor-advised funds

– Private foundations  

– Charitable trusts

– Charitable gift annuities


We’ll help you support the causes you care about in an optimized way. From establishing a giving vehicle to managing grants and tax reporting, we’re here to make giving back as simple and effective as possible.


With Chase Private Client’s wealth planning expertise, you can pursue financial strategies designed around your unique goals and priorities. Our specialists will collaborate with your other advisors to help you prepare for the future and leave a lasting legacy.


Concierge Services


Chase Private Client offers dedicated concierge services to help make your life easier. You’ll have access to a team of specialists ready to assist with day-to-day tasks big or small. 


Get exclusive access to premium events, including presale concert tickets, sold out sporting events, private movie screenings, and more. Your CPC concierge can help acquire access to the hottest events so you can experience them before anyone else.


When you’re planning a vacation, let your concierge take care of the details. They can provide information on destinations, make reservations, arrange transportation, suggest activities, and handle other travel arrangements. You can relax knowing your concierge has every trip detail covered.


The CPC concierge service also helps simplify your daily life. They can refer service providers, make reservations at exclusive restaurants, send gifts on your behalf, organize household repairs, assist with pet services, and much more. Whatever you need, your dedicated CPC concierge is ready to help anytime.


With premium access and individualized assistance, the Chase Private Client concierge service offers an enhanced banking experience catered specifically to you. Discover the difference concierge support can make as you pursue the lifestyle you desire.


Exclusive Benefits


Chase Private Client provides clients with a range of valuable benefits and discounts to enhance their banking experience. Clients receive exclusive discounts and promotions through the Chase Private Client Rewards program.


Some of the notable rewards include:


– Discounts on closing costs for eligible mortgages, refinances, and home equity products. This allows clients to save significantly on mortgage transactions.


– Reduced fees on select lending solutions like credit cards and lines of credit. This provides monetary savings over time as clients use lending products.  


– Special discounts on safe deposit box rental fees at Chase branches nationwide. This is a unique benefit for storing valuables securely.


– Fee waivers on select banking services like stop payments, wire transfers, and overnight delivery of account documents. This allows clients to avoid fees for frequently used services.


– Complimentary rental car upgrades, preferred airfares, and VIP hotel benefits through the Expedia VIP Access program. This enables clients to travel in luxury while saving money.


– Access to premium experiences like dining events, wine tastings, and exclusive entertainment offers. This allows clients to enjoy unique VIP perks and promotions.


The Chase Private Client Rewards program is constantly evolving with new offers across dining, travel, entertainment, banking services, and more. Clients enjoy automatic enrollment and ease of use through their Private Client advisor. The program exemplifies the customized premium service that Chase provides.


Access and Security


Chase Private Client gives you secure 24/7 access to your accounts and financial services through Chase’s online and mobile banking platforms. You can easily manage your accounts, investments, and lending needs anytime, anywhere. 


Chase prioritizes protecting your privacy and security. Your accounts and information are safeguarded by multi-factor authentication, encryption,  and biometric login options through your phone or computer. Additional verification steps help prevent fraud and unauthorized access.


Chase Private Client offers a range of capabilities through online and mobile banking:


– Check account balances and transaction history

– Transfer funds 

– Pay bills 

– Deposit checks remotely

– Set up alerts 

– Initiate wire transfers

– Manage investments 

– Apply for loans

– Communicate with your advisor 


Chase also provides guidance on online safety best practices like using strong unique passwords, being alert to phishing attempts, keeping software updated, and more. Their security experts monitor for threats 24/7.


With Chase Private Client, you get elite banking combined with state-of-the-art digital account access and protection. Managing your finances is simple, convenient and secure.


Getting Started 


Chase Private Client is an invitation-only banking program, but if you think you may qualify, here’s how to get the process started:


How to Apply


Visit your local Chase branch and speak to a banker about Chase Private Client. They can assess your eligibility and submit an application on your behalf.


– Call the Chase Private Client dedicated line at 1-888-994-5626. A specialist will guide you through determining your eligibility and submitting an application.


– If you are an existing Chase customer, you may be pre-qualified and invited to enroll by your banker or through mail and email offers.  




To qualify for Chase Private Client, you’ll need:


– At least $250,000 in deposits and/or investments with Chase and J.P. Morgan. This can include checking, savings, CDs, retirement accounts, investments, mortgages, and more. 


– Or make an initial deposit of at least $150,000 in new money to Chase Private Client.


Additional eligibility factors include your banking needs and relationship scope. Chase evaluates applications on a case-by-case basis.


Next Steps


If approved, a Chase Private Client banker will help you:


– Open new accounts and transfer balances as desired.


– Access all your exclusive Private Client benefits and services.


– Develop customized banking and wealth management solutions for your needs.


– Introduce you to specialists like investment advisors, mortgage bankers, and more as needed.


Chase Private Client aims to provide an exceptional and highly personalized level of care for clients. Getting started is simple – just reach out to a Chase representative today.

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